Fall 2015 Rotating Doubles

We are shaking things up! This session we are going to play a rotating partners format. This means that you will be partners with everyone on the league one time and play against everyone two times this session. All points earned during the night will be added to your individual point total.

To make this format work in a reasonable time frame we have modified how we will score matches. Each match will consist of 3 games each of 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball for a total possible points of 9 per match. In order to play everyone we would either need to play 23 weeks or play two matches per night. We thought everyone would agree that two matches per night makes more sense. To accomplish this we are going to start league night at 7pm and halt any matches not completed by 8:30pm. We will give everyone 15 minutes to stretch your legs, smoke a cigarette or if you prefer you may continue to play your first match if not yet completed. At 8:45pm we will start the second match for the night.

Q. What are the league fees this session?
A. $20 per player per night.

Q. When does the league start?
A. 7PM September 15th.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. New players and anyone who did not finish a previous session are required to pay a $20 deposit.

Please direct any other questions or concerns to Walter.

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About League 27

League 27 offers you three very fun games every league night against one player/team for the night. Play with us and you will experience fun, excitement and the thrill of competition. You will have to fight your way through three sets of pool. Set one is 8-Ball, a bar room favorite. Set two is 9-Ball, a game that can be very fast or very frustrating. Last but not least is set three, 10 ball. Ten ball is not as popular as nine but it is just as much fun. Come on out and join us at Orleans Billiards Cafe in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Meet The Founders

-- Walter Wnuk --

  Walter is a natural born leader and problem solver.  

-- Raymond Ressler --

  Ray Ressler is a very accomplished pool player with a heart of gold. Ray get's to show his

-- Doug Johnson --

  Doug is an accomplished pool player in his own right. He is also credited with naming the

We Play 8-Ball, 9-Ball & 10-Ball


8-Ball is a wonderful game. Odds are you have played a rack or two of 8-Ball if you are interested in our pool league. We play with a few rules that differ from most leagues. When choosing our rules we wanted rules that favored good shot making.


Many pro pool players consider 9-Ball to be a "game of skill". The flip side of that coin is that many amateur pool players consider 9-Ball to be a "game of luck". 9-Ball is fun either way. Most of us would rather be lucky than good ;-)


10-Ball is a game of mystery to most new members. It may be like 9-Ball in many ways but the additional ball and call shot rules make this game very interesting to play. 10-Ball, either you love it or you hate it.


Our players really make League 27 great! We have been extremely lucky to have recruited a great group of people. Big, small. Boy, Girl. Rich or Poor. It makes no difference to the table or the balls. Love of the game and the desire to playing more pool is what makes League 27 better!

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